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Injury Case Management, Inc. is your South West Florida specialist available to manage files for you in the Fort Myers and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to provide rapid response to a claim and facilitate the care necessary to help the injured worker recover from their injuries and resume their pre-injury levels of activity as soon as possible. We do this through liaison and coordination with the client, the healthcare team, the insurance company, and the employer.

Injury Case Management Inc. Services

We provide the highest quality case management services and individualized plans to achieve maximum improvement and return to work goals.

  • Field Case Management
  • Telephonic Case Management
  • Crisis response
  • Catastrophic File management
  • Medical records/CD requests, pick up and delivery to the provider
  • Major Contributing cause reviews with providers
  • Longshore file management
  • Long term case management
  • Task assignments
  • Home evaluations
  • Onsite employer visits and Job Analysis
  • In-Hospital patient evaluation and assessments

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Our Staff

Jennifer Sudol-Kearns RN, CCM, COHN, President

I am a worker’s compensation field nurse case manager with over 30 years of experience in nursing. I have specialty training in catastrophic cases, maritime, and crisis management. I relocated to Florida from NJ where I previously coordinated medical claims for the Tri-state area. I handle files actively and aggressively and will work to get the claims on the right track for a safe and effective resolution. I maintain a very high success rate with return to work and below national average case cost for a greater return on investment. I am experienced in out of state claims and highly complex and catastrophic cases. I maintain an extensive list of local workers compensation providers and contacts to handle any needs.

My unique background in Occupational Health with the US Army, as a first responder, firefighter, Correctional Health Administrator and in several other governmental paid and volunteer positions give me the knowledge, skills and abilities, along with the insight necessary to understand the issues surrounding return to work, to handle challenging issues and enables me to focus the claim to reach the goals efficiently and expediently.

Natalie Arguez, RN, CM, Administrator

I am a bilingual telephonic and field case manager available to assist with your claims needs.

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Our coverage area is currently the Florida Gulf Coast from Naples to Bradenton and central to Lake Okeechobee surrounding areas

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